Client Resources

Lightpath Wealth Advisors utilizes many fact-finding tools to gather information from clients before recommending and implementing different financial solutions.

Financial Planning Tools

At Lightpath, we believe good investment management and financial planning go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re investing to provide a legacy for generations to come, growing a nest egg that will let you truly enjoy retirement, saving to provide educational support for children or grandchildren, or simply building financial security to live out your dream lifestyle, we’re here to help. We provide personalized services, user-friendly tools, and relevant information to help us make the most informed decisions about your financial future, together.

New Savers Form

Our assessment tool that enables our advisors to assist you in the selection, design and purchase of a policy that meets your specific needs.

Asset Reallocation Form

Annuities are a popular investment vehicle due to their cash accumulation, guaranteed income and tax efficiencies. Request a free, no-obligation annuity illustration today.

Life Insurance Calculator

So how much life insurance do you need? By creating a rough estimate our advisors can take a closer look at your needs and help you prepare.