Client Resources

Lightpath Wealth Advisors utilizes many fact-finding tools to gather information from clients before recommending and implementing different financial solutions.

New Savers Form

Lightpath’s New Savers Form is an assessment tool that enables our advisors to assist you in the selection, design and purchase of a policy that meets your specific needs. Please answer the following questions to enable us to be as accurate as possible when researching investment alternatives for you. * denotes required field.

    Step 1: Agent Selection

    Step 2: Personal Information

    Are you a tobacco user?

    Do you have any known health issues?

    Do you take any doctor prescribed medications?

    Are you married?

    Do you have children or dependents?

    Add another: Yes

    Add another: Yes

    Add another: Yes

    Add another: Yes

    Step 3: Financial Information

    Do you anticipate changes in income over the next 5 years?

    Do you have life insurance currently?

    Life insurance plan:

    Coverage type:

    Are you currently contributing to other investment or savings vehicles?

    Account type (check all that apply):

    Do you have credit card debt or other forms of bad debt other than your home?