Meet with Lightpath

Lightpath serves many different clients with a variety of financial planning needs. Like them, your needs are as individual as you are. As such, our team is proud to provide you with professional guidance.

Your Journey

Building a financial plan tailored to you, our process enables our team to identify relevant strategies for moving forward and fully addressing your needs. Here are the basic steps that outline the process we use for building your financial plan:

1. Goal Setting

We first get to know you so that we can map out your goals. We then put a plan together to meet those goals and manage your investments so that you have the time to enjoy your life. Our work together gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are on track in achieving your goals.

As your advisor and coach, we may help you with goals such as:

  • Preparing for a comfortable retirement
  • Paying for a child’s education
  • Leaving a legacy for your heirs
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Other goals that may be important to you

Everyone has his or her own aspirations in life; we’re here to help you realize yours.

2. Road Mapping a Plan

We work with you to sort through complex financial issues. We help you develop a plan for how you will “get from here to there,” and provide professional investment management services so that you can enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that you are taking the right actions to protect your future. We work with you to ensure that your wealth is protected against the unexpected. We also work with you to determine your goals for your legacy and the best ways to provide for the people and causes that you care about.

3. Investment Management & Other Concerns

Based on the financial plan we develop together, we design an investment strategy that considers your own circumstances and goals, tax planning, and charitable desires. Your portfolio is regularly rebalanced against a target asset allocation mix that is designed to help you meet your goals. This helps to ensure that we take the emotion out of investing and keep your portfolio allocations in line with your investment plan. We ensure that your portfolio is designed to maximize the tax-efficiency of your investments, which can result in significant savings in taxes.

4. Collaborating on the “Big Picture”

We can collaborate with your accountant, attorney, or other professionals to help you integrate professional services and ensure the advice and services you receive are coordinated.