Who We Help

At Lightpath, our clients are all following paths unique to them. Each has an interesting, individual story to tell—and the need for a personalized approach to investing and finance.

Financial Planning Designed Around You

We partner with clients from all walks of life.  Our clients are disciplined savers and goal-oriented couples and individuals who are committed to following through with an investment and financial plan to achieve their life financial goals and objectives. They are fun loving, humble, dedicated and persistent people who seek a long-term relationship with a financial partner to help manage their personal finances and investments on an ongoing basis.

At Lightpath Wealth Advisors, we seek to earn your trust by developing a relationship over time and consistently executing a financial and investment plan designed to help you achieve and maintain financial security in an uncertain world.  It is our hope that our relationship with you – and all of our clients – will endure throughout our lifetimes.

Here are a few profiles of the types of clients that we enjoy working with:

Active Families

As life rapidly evolves we help you to realize the full potential of your money – maximizing your wealth and enabling you to live the life you want. We also help protect everything that is important to you; family, assets and lifestyle.


No matter how close your retirement date is, it’s not too late to get answers to your questions and make preparations for the next two to three decades of your life. We can help you live with the financial confidence you need and deserve.


Our clients who have reached retirement age typically wrestle with two issues: how to maintain their lifestyle once they are no longer actively earning income, and how to best invest their nest egg to ensure a steady stream of retirement income.

Major Life Changes

Significant changes are unsettling and can impact your financial well-being in unexpectedly dramatic ways. Our goal is to relieve the burden of organizing your finances and get you back in control of your life as painlessly as possible.