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Lightpath serves many different clients with a variety of financial planning needs. Like them, your needs are as individual as you are. As such, our team is proud to provide you with professional guidance and an array of financial planning and wealth management services that can be personalized to fit your situation.

Education Savings

We evaluate all options, develop a strategy and maximize tax benefits to help accomplish your key goals and objectives.

The sooner you begin savings the easier it will be to fund your children’s education. There are a number of tax deferred investment options available to you for qualified education expenses. These expenses include private high school tuition and college tuition, room and board in most cases.

The cost of tuition has been rising at three times the rate of inflation and while that rate of growth is not sustainable it should be assumed that tuition costs will continue to trend higher.  Lightpath Wealth Advisors crafts wealth management plans which include tax efficient college savings accounts.  We use every method possible to ensure that your child’s private high school and college tuition are funded in the most efficient possible manner.  It is part of our comprehensive wealth management strategy.

What is your time worth?

The first step in reaching your goals is meeting with someone who can help get you there. We invite you to enjoy a complimentary consultation with one of our financial planners. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions, talk informally about your dreams, goals and financial needs.  Take that first step and schedule an initial consultation.

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