About Lightpath

Lightpath serves many different clients with a variety of financial planning needs. Like them, your needs are as individual as you are. As such, our team is proud to provide you with professional guidance.

Who We Help

A Variety of Services to Meet Indiviual Needs

We serve many different clients with a variety of financial planning needs. Like them, your needs are as individual as you are. As such, our team is proud – and pleased – to provide you with professional guidance and an array of financial planning and wealth management services that can be personalized to fit your situation.

Individuals & Families

We love helping individuals and families accomplish their goals and dreams with confidence. We work to allow clients to live their lives with a purpose and a freedom to focus on their family and goals.

Successful Professionals Building Their Wealth

These individuals and families are typically in higher income earning years and are saving for multiple goals such as retirement, education, upgrading homes and starting businesses. They also need help with tax management, how to deal with company stock/options, and how to preserve their income from unforeseen events. We help them prioritize their goals and provide accountability during these busy years.

Those Going Through Major Life Events

This might be someone who has recently lost a spouse, gone through a divorce, or received an inheritance due to the loss of a loved one. We take the time necessary to help these individuals make the most prudent decisions through incredibly difficult times. Some of the same considerations can come up for those who have changed jobs, moved or made large lifestyle changes. Cash flow planning and education are crucial to help ensure a feeling of long-term financial confidence.

Business Owners

Business owners may know how to run a successful business, but all too often they neglect their own personal financial planning.

We partner with entrepreneurs of family-owned businesses and privately-held companies to help coordinate both personal and business planning to help ensure the stewardship of their legacies. A proactive, comprehensive approach helps enable individuals and their families to stay focused on financial goals. We want every client to feel comfortable answering the question, “How will you live a life of purpose and leave a legacy that endures?”

Our team works with business owners to create strategies that can:

  • Provide a road map for your financial future
  • Create strategies to preserve your business
  • Establish a succession plan to exit your business on your own terms
  • Efficiently manage employee benefits including options for retirement plans
  • Work with an attorney to make sure all of your business documentation is current and effective
  • Consult with a CPA to ensure tax efficiency
  • Coordinate business and personal financial planning
  • Diversify asset base
  • Help conceptualize and plan for your desired legacy


If you are one of the many Americans who plan to retire in the next five to 10 years, it’s time to determine what shape your retirement savings are in.

Individuals nearing retirement have many decisions to make and lots of options to consider. First, there’s the decision of how best to handle retirement savings such as 401(k)s and determining how pensions and Social Security benefits will affect retirement income and lifestyle choices throughout the years ahead. Other things to consider include healthcare and long-term care expenses, longevity, and legacy planning if there is a desire to leave a benefit for family or a cherished cause.

Many of the decisions made at these moments will have a lifelong impact, so it’s crucial to have knowledgeable and experienced guidance throughout the process, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Assessing your full financial situation
  • Taking stock of all your assets and liabilities
  • Determining how sources of retirement income stack up against anticipated expenses


Retirees may no longer be working but their investment portfolios should be – because managing money in retirement is more important than ever.

As with any other stage in your life, factors such as your retirement goals and the economic environment may change, requiring you to make adjustments to your portfolio. Our professionals can work with you to regularly review and reassess your portfolio and help give you confidence your portfolio is appropriately balanced between growth-oriented investments and income-focused assets.

In addition to an ongoing review of needs, goals and investment performance, we can help you understand how routine decisions can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your long-term plans. For example, consolidating cash accounts – including savings accounts, money market funds and checking accounts – can make it easier to monitor your savings and spending and take advantage of lower fees and higher interest rates.

Please note: Growth-oriented investments generally involve greater risks and may not be appropriate for every investor.