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Lightpath Wealth Advisors utilizes many fact-finding tools to gather information from clients before recommending and implementing different financial solutions.

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Client Referral Program

We believe in making the complex, simpler—not just for you, but for anyone in your life who could benefit from our guidance. We consider client referrals to be the greatest compliment to our team. And to show our gratitude, we’ve created the Lightpath Client Referral Program which allows us to reward our clients for taking the time to submit referrals you feel would benefit from our expertise. Let us show your friends and family how we can make a difference in their financial future.

The Process is Simple, and Rewarding:

① Think of someone that would benefit from our service.
② Submit the names and email addresses of the people you’d like to refer using the provided form or call our home office at 502-632-3624 to submit a referral.

③ We’ll contact your referral and share how Lightpath can maximize his or her retirement potential.

④ When your referral submits his/her first application we will respond to you with a $100 Gift Card when the first case is put in force.


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