Policy Review for John Tappan

Hi John, we hope Susan and you are doing well? We received your annual statement for your American Equity policy and wanted to check in and share a few thoughts in the video above.

In short, the contract had a great first year, returning 12.09% and crediting you $8,160.75 in interest. Your new account value is now locked-in at $75,660.75 and will never go below that amount.

Please remember, this is a flexible premium account. Thus, we encourage you to make contributions to this account whenever you have excess cash flow (and eventually when you start taking RMDs when you turn 72). Our goal is to seek higher returns vs leaving your non-emergency funds in banks accounts earning little to no interest.

Let us know if Susan or you have any questions we can answer. As always, you can reach me (Jason) at 502-632-3624 or reach out to us via email at support@lightpathwealth.com. Thanks!